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Dental Clinic Bundoora

Dental Treatment for All Ages.

Smile White Dental clinic has been operating in Bundoora since 22 years. Our dentists in Bundoora are experts in general dentistry, orthodontics, tooth restorations, dental crown and bridge work, cosmetic dentistry that includes Tooth whitening, veneers and dental fillings. We perform Root Canal Therapy with minimum amount of discomfort.We also perform children dentistry with delicacy and lot of care to make sure that children are comfortable throughout the procedure. We also hold expertise in making perfect fitting dentures at affordable rates.
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Smile White Dental Clinic


  • Implant
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Children Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Tooth Appearance

Smile White Dental Clinic isn’t just committed to improving the functionality of your teeth, we’re also committed to enhancing their appearance. Our staff has years of experience providing patients with quality cosmetic services.

01 - Effective Tooth Whitening

One of the most common ways we help our patients is through tooth whitening. With our simple and effective tooth whitening process, we’re able to improve your smile and brighten your teeth.

02 - Quality Veneer Placement

With veneer placement, you can cover any imperfections on your teeth. We use porcelain veneers to match the colour of your teeth and improve stain resistance and durability.
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Children Dentistry

Care for All Ages

Dental care is different for people of different ages. Children have needs that differ from adults. With our experienced dental staff, we’re able to provide children with the dental care they need, ensuring that their needs are met. Proper care at an early age helps avoid problems in the future.

Chart Development

We recommend visiting the dentist starting as early as age one. This allows us optimal time and opportunity to assess your child’s development and chart their progress as their teeth grow and change over time. Stay on top of your child’s dental health by scheduling regular dental visits.

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Stay on top of your oral health with Smile White Dental Clinic. We have female and male dentists in our staff, so you can meet with whomever you’re comfortable with. Call us today to get started.

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Smile White Dental Clinic
Smile White Dental Clinic


Smile White Dental Clinic is kept clean and hygienic against ALL kinds of microbes including COVID — 19.

All instruments are universally sterilised in our clinic as per the AS/NZS 4187 Infection Control Guidelines. These are the guidelines set by The Dental Board of Australia which are recognised by NHMRC.

We use:

  • single use gloves
  • single use head rest covers and other surface covers
  • single use face masks — N95 — High Filtration
  • single_use non sterilised items

Our water lines are continuously disinfected by automatic means.

We regularly disinfect everything else such as dental chairs, bench tops, door handles, waiting room furniture with hospital grade disinfectant that is not only effective against Corona virus but also against Hep A, Hep B, Hep C, HIV, TB and other microbes.

We run tests daily on our sterilising machines to maintain proper function as well as having them tested by independent proper organizations to ensure effective and legal functioning protocols are being met.

We ask that you use hand sanitiser available at our front reception desk when you enter our clinic to reduce cross infection.

Above all we would like our patients to feel safe and reassured in our dental clinic during their stay and treatment.

We appreciate your understanding and support in these challenging times.

Smile White Dental Clinic Management and Staff.